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Short term accommodation on the Central Coast

Tuesday 13, Oct 2020


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Central Coast Council wants to create a community which is both safe and attractive for residents and is also welcoming to visitors. While they encourage visitors to enjoy short-term stays in our beautiful region, there is a need to balance that with ensuring that short-term rental doesn’t disrupt potential long-term residents.

Short-term rental accommodation is defined as a dwelling that is commercially available for rent as short-term accommodation on a temporary basis but does not include bed and breakfast accommodation.

Short-term rental accommodation is allowable as an Exempt Development if the following five items can be complied with:

1)         The subject dwelling must be located in a zone where dwellings are permitted with consent.

2)         The dwelling must not contain more than four bedrooms.

3)         The dwelling must be serviced by a general waste garbage bin of at least 240L capacity.

4)         If the dwelling is located in a bush fire prone area, a bush fire evacuation plan must be attached to the dwelling in a prominent location.

5)         There must not have been more than two written complaints to the Council concerning the activities taking place on the property from the occupiers of separate dwellings located within 40 metres of the subject dwelling within the preceding 12 months.

If your property meets the provisions above, you are requested to develop a plan of management for the property to control the noise and behaviour of tenants. The plan of management should include:

  • A process for screening tenants and confirming that tenants occupying the property are the approved applicants,
  • Detail how keys are collected,
  • House rules to address noise impacts on neighbours such as curfews for outdoor areas and locations for parking,
  • A contact number for surrounding residents to report noise pollution and anti-social behaviour. This should be for a person or company who can attend at the time of the call to address the concerns.

For further assistance in this or any other property use questions, please contact the Duty Planner at Central Coast Council by phoning 1300 463 954 or by emailing

The NSW Government is currently implementing a new regulatory framework for short-term rental accommodation (STRA). This includes a state-wide planning framework, a mandatory Code of Conduct and changes to strata legislation. The Government is also considering introducing a new industry-led STRA property register.  For more information and to sign up for updates, click here.