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New World of Travel Report.

Tuesday 13, Oct 2020

The travel industry accounts for one in 10 jobs globally, making it one of the world’s most influential economies. But when we went into global lockdown in March, grounding planes and closing airports due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the knock-on effects were felt all around the globe.

Despite the upheaval, the travel industry faces a unique opportunity. Now is the time to redesign a new world of travel which is more sustainable, and inclusive, holding onto the positive benefits of travel and addressing the things that need improvement.

Over the past six months at Skyscanner, have used data, surveys and interviews to help understand the evolving mindsets of travellers across the globe. They spoke to over 6,500 people each week to understand hopes, fears and dreams for future travel, to put together an extensive, New World of Travel report. 

Read the article and download the report, click here.