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Tourism Australia launches 'Australian COVID Travel Portal’

Thursday 01, Oct 2020

Tourism Australia has launched a new ‘Australian COVID Travel Portal’, which brings together key safety information, travel restrictions and guidelines from across the country to help make travel planning easier.

For the first time, both travellers and operators will be able to access up-to-date travel information in the one centralised resource, consolidating content currently being provided by each of Australia’s states and territories as they reopen in different ways.

Specifically, the new site will include the up to date status of all state and territory borders and associated travel restrictions, relevant information on transport, hotels and accommodation, activities and experiences, as well as health and safety tips.

Tourism Australia intends that the new portal would give Australians the confidence to plan and book an Australian holiday and help them travel around Australia safely.

One of the significant changes that we’ve seen in consumer behaviour as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak is heightened awareness around health concerns, hygiene and physical distancing.

It is crucial that travellers feel confident to holiday safely, and that tourism businesses and their communities are ready to welcome them warmly but also safely, as Australians begin to travel again.

It's vital that travellers to know it’s safe to travel and show how the Australian tourism industry is putting in place the highest standards and stringent COVIDSafe measures to ensure their wellbeing and safety at every point in the customer journey.

The portal will provide up to date, practical information relating to all aspects of travel in one place to help people better navigate all of the different COVID-19 restrictions.

The initial focus of this new tool is on domestic intrastate and interstate travel, however, it is likely to be extended to international visitors as well once international borders reopen.

The Australian COVID Travel Portal can be accessed on, click here.