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Storytelling in marketing

Tuesday 21, Jul 2020

Storytelling is about tapping into people’s emotions.  Baring both the good and bad is how stories inspire and motivate and it also fosters brand loyalty. Creating a narrative around your brand or product not only humanises it but also inherently markets your business.

There a few non-negotiable components that make for a great storytelling experience, for both the reader and teller.

Good stories are …

  • Entertaining: Good stories keep the reader engaged and interested in what’s coming next.
  • Educational: Good stories spark curiosity and add to the reader’s knowledge bank.
  • Universal: Good stories are relatable to all readers and tap into emotions and experiences that most people undergo.
  • Organised: Good stories follow a succinct organisation that helps convey the core message and helps readers absorb it.
  • Memorable: Whether through inspiration, scandal, or humour, good stories stick in the reader’s mind.

Tourism and Events Queensland has put together a helpful how-to guide on storytelling "Extraordinary Experiences through Storytelling", which you may find helpful. Click here to view