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NSW's allows regional travel, dining out, gyms and beauty treatments

Wednesday 10, Jun 2020
Restrictions have now eased in NSW. As at 1 July many restriction have been removed.
However, the 4 square metre rule must be applied at all times and there is industry specific advice for businesses to ensure they are Covid-safe.
  • travel to regional NSW for a holiday
  • visits to museums, galleries and libraries
  • pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants - based on 4 sq metre rule with no upper limit
  • beauty and nail salon operators can begin treatments
  • worship, weddings and funerals  - based on 4 sq metre rule with no upper limit
  • fitness, gyms, pilates, yoga and dance studios can open
  • community centres, including their recreational facilities can open.
  • some indoor recreational facilities including pools and saunas can open with restricted numbers.
  • cultural and sporting events at outdoor venues with a maximum capacity of 40,000 will be allowed up to 25 percent of their normal capacity. Events must be ticketed and seated and follow strict guidelines.

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