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Tourism Australia: State of the Industry Report

Wednesday 11, Mar 2020

In 2018–19, tourism contributed $60.8 billion to national GDP and provided jobs for more than 5% of the national workforce (666,000 people).

Tourism also brought $39.1 billion in exports and is currently the fourth largest exporting industry. Internationally, Australia is marketed as an aspirational destination with a strong focus on high-value travellers.

This complements the sustainable intent of Australian tourism – achieving strong economic benefits while managing environmental and social impacts. 

The recent bushfires in Australia are expected to have a significant impact on the Australian tourism industry, with fires across nine tourism regions. This will affect Australia’s international and domestic tourism, but in early 2020 it is too soon to measure the impacts.

The coronavirus creates ongoing risks to international tourism. China is Australia’s largest inbound visitor market with 1.4 million visitor arrivals in 2018–19. With travel restrictions now imposed, the breadth of the event is yet to be seen.

This report acknowledges the impact of both the fires and coronavirus, but in-depth analysis is not yet available.