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10 reasons to be optimistic about the Coronavirus

Wednesday 11, Mar 2020

However serious a threat coronavirus poses, it’s important to retain perspective. More people die of tuberculosis each day – and of air pollution every five hours – than have succumbed in two months of Covid-19

The vast majority of people who have had the illness have recovered. This is not to minimise what has happened, or predict what will.

It is merely to keep a sense of proportion about coronavirus. There is no point succumbing to a fear pandemic before a disease pandemic has even taken hold. Here are ten good reasons not to panic:

1. We know what it is
2. We know how to detect the virus
3. The situation is improving in China
4. 80% of cases are mild
5. People heal and most infected people are cured
6. Symptoms appear mild in children
7. The virus can be wiped clean from surfaces including skin and hands
8. Science is on it, globally
9. There are already vaccine prototypes
10. Antiviral trials are underway

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