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Norah Head Lighthouse

Tuesday 11, Feb 2020

Take a tour that leads you up the 96 stairs to the top of the tower where you’ll experience spectacular views from the tower balcony.

Marvel at the optics prism as you imagine polishing its 700 lenses. Listen to stories of shipwrecks in days gone by as one of the well-versed tour guides step you back in time to feel what it was like to be a Lighthouse Keeper at Norah Head Lighthouse.

Norah Head Lighthouse also offers unique accommodation in two separate fully equipped Lighthouse Keepers Quarters. These comfortably furnished quarters provide three bedrooms and generous living spaces.

This stunning location makes for a perfect romantic getaway, whilst the fully fenced quarters provide privacy when on your staycation. Take time to explore the grounds of the lighthouse at your leisure. The surrounding beaches provide secluded enclaves and hours of family-friendly activities.