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New Tourism Australia campaign

Friday 01, Nov 2019

Tourism Australia has unveiled its new $38 million global campaign, encouraging travellers worldwide to “Come live our Philausophy”.

A deliberate Australian play on words, Philausophy, aims to capture the philosophy of Australians and their informal approach to living, which research shows is highly appealing among visitors. 

This is the latest evolution of the long-standing and successful There’s nothing like Australia global campaign platform. The new campaign is part of a deliberate move to elevate the strengths of Australia’s people, personality and way of life, which research shows is highly appealing amongst visitors.

Philausophy builds on the strong foundations of recent successive Tourism Australia campaigns, which have highlighted key destination strengths, such as food and drink, natural beauty and wildlife.

Philausophy signals a shift by bringing these world-class experiences together with Australia's people. Philausophy is a celebration of the shared beliefs that guide how Australians live and enjoy this beautiful country. 


The campaign includes billboard ads featuring various "Aussie" epithets such as "No worries", and "A stranger is a mate you haven't met yet", while the video ad features real people who work in Australia's tourism industry, spruiking our country over extended vision of sweeping landscapes and smiling faces.

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