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'Have a little adventure' campaign success

Wednesday 01, Jan 2020

Tourism Central Coast's 'Have a Little Adventure' campaign was remarkably effective in changing perception and attitudes of Sydneysiders to the Central Coast.

"I have been planning for our next family holiday and never thought of going to Central Coast as I would consider it as a day trip. But seeing the ads I think I will find out more and may consider it for our next trip."
Post-campaign research survey recipient - Sydney

What did we achieve? 

  • 11.7 times increase in the number of clicks from out to businesses on the Central Coast
  • TV Campaign had a cumulative reach of over 2.5 million Sydneysiders
  • 90% of all people that have seen the ads before agree that the ads are a good representation of the Coast
  • 82% of all people that have seen the ads say the campaign “made me more likely to consider holidaying in the central coast”
  • A significant increase in ‘intent to holiday’ in the next 12 months within key demographic targets

For the first time, we were able to accurately gauge responses from our target market through research. The survey was taken before and after the campaign among residents throughout the Sydney region.

The ‘Have a Little Adventure’ campaign also collected 11 advertising industry awards – including five Tangrams, four W3 awards, an Effie and a WARC award.

The campaign helped boost average tourism spend by 22.7% to  reach over $1 billion for the first time, grow visitation  by 21.7% and visitor nights by 12.6%.